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How to create a variation
How to create a variation

Need to add a variation to a claim? Here, we'll discuss how

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Sometimes, you may need to add a variation to a claim to include costs that were not part of the initial contract breakdown. 

Variations need to be added while creating a claim. If you would like to review the instructions for creating a claim click here.

Here, we will go through how to add variations specifically.

1. To add a variation, open a new claim (or edit an existing claim).

Note: Only users who have been added to a project as a contributing member with Member and Submitter permissions will be able to create Variations within a claim. For more info about project members and permissions, click here

2. Then scroll down to the bottom of the screen (past the contract cost lines) to find the Variations section. Click "Add Variation" to create a new variation line.

3. A new dialogue box will appear for you to add the appropriate information. In this example, we are creating a variation for additional labour. Enter in the Description, Contractor Reference Number and Amount (excluding GST). Press 'Add'.

Note: The Contractor Reference Number is the line reference that will appear on the claim. If your builder has already provided one to you, add it here. Otherwise, choose your own (for example, above we have used V.01 for Variation 1).

4. Your variation has now been created. The last step is to enter a cost against it. This is done the same way as for contract lines - either by percentage or dollar value.  Add the amount required and submit your claim. 

The following animation displays this process from start to finish:

Job done.

Still having trouble?  Contact us in support via the chat, phone 1300 252 463 or email

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