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Separate permission for the verification of compliance documents
Separate permission for the verification of compliance documents

Verification of compliance documents

Written by Ian
Updated over a week ago

We've released a small enhancement to introduce a separate permission for the verification of compliance documents. Currently the 'Restrict Verify' and ‘Restrict Edit/Delete’ settings on compliance requirements require a user to have the ‘Organisation Administrator’ permission to edit, remove or verify those compliance documents. This has resulted in some customers giving Org Admin access to staff that would not normally have this level of access, which is a potential security concern.

What has changed?

  • There is a new organisation-level permission called ‘Verify Compliance’.

  • Any existing user that already has the ‘Organisation Administrator’ permission will also be given this new permission.

  • Anyone with this new permission will be able to verify compliance documents in the Compliance tab of the Contract Summary and/or Claim/AFP Details pages.

  • Users with the ‘Organisation Administrator’ permission will still be able to edit/delete compliance requirements and verify compliance documents. This is because they could assign this permission to themselves anyway.

Implications for existing customers

  • Org Admins will notice no change, other than having an additional permission in the My Account > Users tab.

  • Org Admins will be able to assign this new ‘Verify Compliance’ permission to new users who verify compliance documents without having to make them an Org Admin. For existing users, you can remove the ‘Organisation Administrator’ permission from those users who only have that permission for the purposes of verifying compliance documents.

  • Important: Org Admin users automatically get access to all projects. Users that verify compliance but are not Org Admins will need to be granted access to each project that is relevant to them. This also means that any existing Org Admins may need to be explicitly added to their relevant projects before disabling the ‘Organisation Administrator’ permission..

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