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CIS Labour Assessment

CIS Labour

Written by Vincya Venugopalan
Updated over a week ago

We've released an update to the process of assessing AFPs which require a CIS labour component. We have introduced a compulsory check on AFPs that have CIS Labour values, this prompt sits within the Labour Component subject to CIS Tax box.

CIS Component Check

We have added a confirmation “Yes” “No” button to any AFPs that are being assessed with a labour component subject to CIS Tax. This prompt was put in place to stop the assessor missing or not checking the labour value provided by the subcontractor on their application.

Until the “Yes” radio button is selected, the certify button will be greyed out, preventing the assessor to certify the AFP.

Once the Labour to Date has been assessed and the “Yes” radio button is selected, the Certify button will now appear in blue, allowing them to certify the application.

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