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Placing a claim On-hold after being approved (Cheops integrated users)
Placing a claim On-hold after being approved (Cheops integrated users)
Written by Ian
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Payapps allows placing a claim on hold (for various reasons) as part of the assessment process. This functionality is available for Cheops Construction Management ERP integrated users.

You can place a pending claim on hold. Click on the 3 dots and select 'Place on hold' in the dropdown menu.

You will be prompted to specify the on-hold reason for a pending claim.

Note, it is possible to edit 'on-hold' reasons or remove the on-hold status for any pending claims via the 3 dots menu.

Before you confirm and approve the claim, you will see a warning message that the payment for this particular claim has been put on hold.

The 'On-Hold' messages are displayed for pending and approved claims in the contract summary.

The 'On Hold' history is updated in the Claim History page, visible only to the main contractors.

For the subcontractors, the 'Payment on Hold' message reflects in the Payment Schedule and the Approved Payment claim email.

Integration with Cheops:

The status of any on-hold Payapps claims are automatically checked whilst viewing the Contract summary and a re-sync (to Cheops status) dialogue will be displayed if the status in Cheops and Payapps differ.

The Cheops Invoice Report now includes a new 'On Hold' column that will reflect the on-hold status of claims with a simple blank, or 'Yes’.

If you have questions regarding the changes please reach out to your Account Manager or our Customer Support team via in-app chat, email : or telephone: 1300 252 463.

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