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UK&IE - Compliance Configuration Update (Region Selector)
UK&IE - Compliance Configuration Update (Region Selector)
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There are some changes to the way compliance is configured. All existing functionality will remain the same but it will be re-skinned with some additional functionality.

Changes include:

  • A minor update to terminology used. "Compliance Documents" are now labelled as "Compliance Requirements".

  • The addition of a Region filter.

The configuration of compliance will essentially be the same at both the organisation and contract level. The only difference will be that the Region setting is not available when configuring compliance on individual contracts.

Setting up Region defaults

Users will be able to select applicable regions for each compliance document. Where no region is selected, it is assumed that it is relevant to all contracts, regardless of location.

When a region is selected, the requirement will only appear on new contracts that belong to the region. Multiple regions can be selected per requirement.

When the region dropdown is selected, a menu will appear with four initial options. Selecting United Kingdom and Ireland will apply the requirement to any contract in those selected regions.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Payapps support via in-app chat or email


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