Auto-generated Subcontractor Statements

Payapps now offers the ability to automatically generate subcontractor statements on each claim.

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Compliance requirements in Payapps can now be configured with a Subcontractor Statement template that can be pre-filled, signed and uploaded on each claim.

Autogenerated Subcontractor Statements is a feature that builders can opt-in to use with their subcontractors.

Self-managed contracts: Autogenerated Subcontractor Statements is also available to subcontractors to use on self-managed contracts. Jump to the Contracts section to set up for self-managed contracts. If you're interested in accessing this feature, please contact your account manager or support.

This article will cover the details of:

1. Generating a Subcontractor Statement on a Claim

If a requirement has been set up with a template, subcontractors will now see a 'Generate' button on the requirement when managing their claim compliance. If it has not been set up with a template, subcontractors will see the usual 'Upload' option.

Selecting this will bring up the partially pre-filled subcontractor statement. This can be downloaded for signing.

Once the document is downloaded, the compliance card will show an 'Upload' button so that the signed version can be attached.

2. Setting up compliance requirements to use a subcontractor statement template

Note: Setting up requirements to use subcontractor statement templates is currently a feature that is not enabled by default. If you're interested in accessing this feature, please contact your account manager or support.

There are currently three templates available to associate with a requirement:

  1. Subcontractor Statement (Generic): This is applicable to all states in Australia and does not reference any specific state legislation

  2. Subcontractor Statement - State-Specific: This is applicable to requirements for all Australian States except Northern Territory and New South Wales. This option includes a reference to state legislation that is substituted depending on the state in which the contract is taking place.

  3. Subcontractor Statement (SIRA): this version is based on the NSW State Insurance Regulatory Authority template and can only be used on New South Wales requirements.

Setting up default compliance settings

To set up the organisation defaults, navigate to the Organisation Compliance page:

First select the region for which this template and requirement is applicable.

Then scroll to the end of the table and select the desired template from the Template dropdown.

Templates can be previewed by hovering the cursor over the option and clicking on the magnifying glass icon.

Once you've finished setting up your requirements, save the settings at the bottom right of the page.

Setting up compliance settings on a contract

Setting up a requirement on a contract is similar to the organisation defaults. However, contract compliance does not have a region column so available options in the template dropdown will be based on the contract location.

3. Validations and Safeguards

Sometimes the data pre-filled onto the subcontractor statement may change and need to be updated.

When this occurs, a 'Notice' will appear on the compliance card.

This will prompt the user to view the document for further details.

Viewing the document will give more information on what has changed. If the update has occurred prior to submission, the subcontractor will be encouraged to delete the out-of-date version, then regenerate and upload a new version of the document.

If 'Prevent Submission' is enabled for the requirement, the subcontractor will be required to update this document before the claim is submitted.

If you have any questions or require assistance, please do not hesitate to contact Payapps support via in-app chat or email

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