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How to create a partially claimed contract (Self-managed contract)
How to create a partially claimed contract (Self-managed contract)

Adding a contract you have already claimed against for a client not already using Payapps? Read this to learn how...

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When adding a partially completed self managed contract to Payapps there are a few extra steps to consider. For Sub Contractor accounts that do not have their Accounting software set up on their Add-Ons page this is a two step process. For Integrated accounts (i.e. xero, MYOB, quickbooks, etc) there are three steps.

Step one:
Create your contract as per the normal process. The only field that needs close attention is the 'sequence number'.

  • For your specific situation/contract setup, we'll set the sequence number to 1. (more on this later)

Step two:

Once the contract has been published, you will need to create a payment schedule. This payment schedule will act as claim 1 (as per the contract sequence number).

NOTE: If you had changed the sequence number to 2. This payment schedule will act as claim 2.

Payment Schedules can only be created by users with the Projects Admin role within the organisation settings, or the Admin role within the project settings. To check who has this permission, check the users page in your account settings or the individual project permissions.

Enter in the amounts of what has been claimed in total so far. For example, if 3 claims have already been submitted then you would enter in the total amount claimed across these 3 claims.

In the Comments section of the claim you may choose to enter in a similar message to below:

"This Payment Schedule represents a summary of all works completed up to and including claim #N. This payment schedule does not represent additional works completed or additional amounts payable on this contract. Payment for all claims up to #N are based on our prior correspondence."

If you are not integrated with any other software systems you can now approve this payment schedule and the setup is complete. If you are integrated you will need to save your draft and follow the next step.

Step three:

After you have saved your draft payment schedule a user with the Organisation Admin role within the organisation settings will need to temporarily disconnect your accounting software so it doesn't send through to your integrated accounting system. To do this, navigate to the Add-Ons page and click the Disconnect (MYOB in this example) button

Once your accounting software has been disconnected the Payment Schedule can be assessed and approved (or the Claim can be submitted if you choose to enter the details as a Claim first, before approving it yourself). This will align the two systems without Payapps attempting to send the summary of claims / approvals through.

Once it is approved, you can reconnect your software ready for the next claim to be sent through to your accounting software - either on submission or approval as per your preferred setting.

If you would like further information, please contact Payapps Support for assistance.

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