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Compliance Card Update
Compliance Card Update
Written by Ian
Updated over a week ago

There have been changes to the compliances tabs for claims and contracts. These changes are applicable to both self-managed as well as collaborative contracts.

  1. Changes to Compliance Tabs

There will be a collapsed and expanded view of compliance cards. The collapsed view will display the status and name of the requirement. The expanded view will show the details of the uploaded document. All existing functionality will remain available with the new appearance.

Subcontractor view:

Main Contractor view:

Uploading Documents

From a subcontractor's perspective, if it's a contract level doc they can upload from their Docs Library or Computer. Once uploaded, they will be required to enter in an expiry date before saving (if relevant).

If an Expiry date is required, the user will be prompted to enter one in before completing the upload. If it's a PDF, the user will also see a preview of the document.

Once uploaded, the user can view the upload details on the expanded card or press 'view' to preview the document.

When a user previews an uploaded document, they will also be presented with an option to delete the file. Main contractors will also see a toggle to verify the document while previewing it.

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