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How to submit and certify a self-managed contract
How to submit and certify a self-managed contract
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Once you have set up your project and contract, you can start submitting AFPs.

Note: This is to submit AFPs to a main Contractor who does not use Payapps.

Payapps automatically generates and sends a PDF application for payment to your main contractor, based on the information you enter in Payapps.

Follow these 5 simple steps to submit your Application for Payment.

Step 1 - Home Screen

Select the project.

Step 2 - Project View

Select your contract.

Step 3 - Contract Summary Page

Click the 'New AFP' button on the right hand side to start building your application.

Note: If the compliance tab is visible, your main contractor may require specific documents to be uploaded as part of the first application (indicated by the red '3' in the example above).

For more information on uploading compliance documents, please click here.

Step 4 - Application Screen

You are now in the application screen, where you will see your agreed breakdown of costs for the contract. This screen allows you to create your application for payment.

The application remains a draft ('DRAFT AFP') until it is submitted.

Apply for payment

To apply for payment, simply enter the amount that you require to be paid against each line.

You can do this by increasing the percentage, or unit of measure (depending on the contract type), by increasing the 'to date' value or 'this AFP' amount.

Changing the value of one column will automatically adjust the others when you click out or tab to the next line.

Attachments and Supporting Information

Add attachments or notes to any line item by clicking on the speech bubble icon on the right. There is no limit to the file type or size.

Attachments are always stored in Payapps and automatically hyperlinked on your application PDF.


Below the original works section, you can add variations and apply for additional work outside of the original contract costs. To do this, click the 'Add variation button.

Provide the variation detail including a description of the works, your reference number (or VO number), and amount (forecast value), then click 'Add'.

To apply for payment against a variation, simply enter the amount that you require to be paid for the period.


Add materials on/off site. To do this, simply click the 'Add Materials' button.

In the pop-up screen, provide the detail, including a description, reference number, unit type, quantity & rate

Step 5 - Submission Confirmation

Once you are ready to submit your application, click 'submit' in the top right.

After reading your application summary, click 'Confirm & Submit.'

Note: If relevant, it's at this point the claim email will be sent to the nominated email address in the respondent details.

Certifying your AFP

On the contract page, you'll now see 3 buttons on the top right.

Retract will turn the AFP back into a draft. This will allow you to edit the submitted amount and resend the AFP if required.

View will show a read only version of the submitted AFP.

Access will bring up the AFP for you as an Approver. This will allow you to edit and approve the AFP as per the feedback you receive from your client.

Select Assess to show the AFP.

If the amount your client has approved and the retention withheld is identical to what you have submitted in Payapps, simply select the "approve" button at the top right.

If they have made changes to your original AFP, alter the amounts as required. This will require a modification reason that can be entered by selecting the red speech bubble on the right side of the line.

Also select the retention tab to check the retention withheld and reduce if required.

Note: You cannot enter a retention withheld amount that goes over the initial rate.

ie. If you have an initial retention rate of 10% and you claimed a total of £40,000 so far then you cannot withhold more than £4000. If you require to withhold more than the allowed amount, the only way to do this is to update your contract retention settings to withhold a higher initial rate.

Once the AFP is the same as what your client has approved, press approve at the top right.

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact support via:

Chat: In app
Phone: 0191 651 1765

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