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How to create a Project (Self-managed Contract)
How to create a Project (Self-managed Contract)

Creating a self-managed contract

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The first step to getting set up as a self-managed user is to create your project.

Note: If your client is also using Payapps, you will not have to complete these steps. Instead, wait for an email from your client inviting you to the project that they will have created on their side.

Create a New Project

After logging in, you will be directed to the home page, which is where all your projects will be displayed once they are created. To create a new one, click the “Add Project” button on the upper right-hand side of the screen.

Note: Only users with Projects Admin permission within your organisation settings will be able to complete this action. To view these permissions, check your user list here

This will direct you to the “New Project” screen. At the top, you will see "Create New Project", followed by the 2 sections of the project setup: Details, and Permissions


Beneath this are the Project Details fields, starting with the "Project ID". This is where you can create a name for your project and include appropriate ID numbers, if required:

Next are the Project Dates and AFP Email Reminder Dates sections. Here you can set the start and end dates for the work, and then use the various email reminder date fields to set when AFPs are required by and when you will be reminded to submit them

The final section on the details page is the Site Address Section. Here, you can fill in the physical location of the building site.

NOTE: These fields are mandatory and need to be filled in to progress to the next step.

Now we can click "Continue" to proceed to the second section.


The next screen is the Members screen. Here, you can select members of your organisation to have access to the project, what they are able to work on, and what notifications they'll receive.

As you are the only current member, you will see only your name on the members list. Using the Add Members button, you will be able to add more members from your organisation to this project, and apply the appropriate permissions to each member.

Toward the right of the members' names, you will be able to view the notification settings, and the permissions associated with each member. Each user added to the project is granted 'Member' by default, and can be additionally granted Assessor, Manager and Admin permissions where necessary

Permissions can be summarised as follows:

Member: Users are granted Member permission by default. This permission alone grants users 'read only' access. They will be able to view contract and AFP information, but will be unable to make any changes to AFPs or contract items.

Assessor: Users with Assessor permission are able to Submit AFPs in the progress claim portion of the AFP, and additionally process claims in the Assessment stage of the AFP.

Manager: Users with Manager permission are able to update and edit elements of the contract settings; line items, dates, retention settings etc.

Admin: Users with Admin permission are able to update and edit the members allocated to a project - including modifying permissions and notification settings

NOTE: There must be at least one project admin and one primary contact per project.

From this page, you will additionally be able to manage the notification settings for each project member. These are: Submission, Approval, and Deadline. Notifications can be summarised as follows:

Submission: Sends the user a notification confirming the submission of a AFP. This email notification contains a PDF copy of the AFP.

Approval: Sends the user a notification confirming the approval of an AFP. This email notification contains a PDF copy of the payment schedule.

Deadline: Sends the user a notification when an AFP is nearing its deadline for Approval.

Once all permissions and Notification settings have been established, click Save and the process will be complete.

You have now created your project. The next step will be to create your contract.

Still having trouble? If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact support via:

Chat: In app
Phone: 0191 651 1765

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