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A guide to adding your login to a project when you receive the invalid permission error

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The invalid permission error is an error that occurs when your login was not assigned to the contract or added to the contract after publishing which prevents users logins who have not been added to the project from submitting / saving a claim or adding variations to a claim. It will display as a red pop up at the top of your screen.

To add a member / current login to a project, just follow the below steps.*

*it is recommended if you do not want to lose your current progress in the draft, open another tab in your browser whilst leaving your current claim open to complete these steps, once completed, you will be able to save or submit.

1) From the home screen, each project will have a three dot icon on the right hand side of each project, click on it and select edit project.

2) on the project permissions page, click on ADD MEMBERS if you can can not see your current email address login added to the members of the project.

3) Select the login you wish to add and select to correct permissions you wish to have (advised to select all if you are the main person entering in the claims for this project) then press save in the bottom right hand corner.

4) Select the emails you wish to receive by clicking on the required icons under each heading against your login to highlight them if you wish to receive these notifications, once this is done press save. The user icon on the left hand side of a login indicates the current logged in user.

You are now added to the project, you will be able to save, submit and add variations to your current draft claim.

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