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Contract Import Template Overview
Contract Import Template Overview

The Payapps contract import template makes it easier and faster to get contracts setup and published. Here's everything you need to know.

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Importing Contracts into Payapps can be the quickest and easiest way to setup a new Contract. This article will detail how to complete this process in 3 easy steps.

Step 1 - Download the Import Template

Within Payapps, Contracts can be setup in two different formats;

  • Lump Sum – Each line has one value. When applying against this line a % complete or amount complete value can be entered.

  • Schedule of Rates – Each line has a Unit Of Measure, a quantity and a rate. The total line value is made up of the quantity multiplied by the rate. When applying against this line a quantity can be entered.

As part of creating the Contract ensure the correct format is selected in the drop down box. Once done select “Download Import Template Files”:

Step 2 - Input your contract data into the Template

This template can be opened in Excel (or similar) where you can input the contract information. The following columns are available:

Line Type

This controls what that line will look like in Payapps. To set a line type choose one of the pre-set options from the drop down menu in the line type column:

Available options selectable from the drop down box are:

  • SECTION - This splits the contract up into different sections, allowing for easily navigation.

  • LINE - A Line is a cost line that is entered under a section, independent of 'Headers' - see below. Must not have a blank value, text value or a value of £0.00 in the rate column. If it has no value, select 'NOTE' option - see below.

  • HEADING - Sit under 'sections' and are used to split the contents of the section into smaller areas of work. Can be collapsed onscreen.

  • SUBLINE - A Subline is a cost line that is entered under a heading. As with 'Lines', a value must be entered against this line type. A Line cannot have £0.00 or characters in the rate column.

  • NOTE - Notes are descriptive lines that need to be included in the contract but don't have any value and can't be applied for.

Line Ref

Enter a unique reference number for each line.


Enter a brief description for the line - the element of work.

UOM Type

(Schedule of Rates contract type only)

Enter the applicable unit of measure for each Subline or Line.


(Schedule of Rates contract type only)

Enter the quantity required for each Subline or Line.

Tax rate

The VAT rate can be entered per line. This allows you to specify different VAT rates on a per line basis. Leaving this blank will use the default VAT rate setup in the contract and all lines with this field empty will be taxed at that rate.

ERP Integration

If Payapps has been integrated with an ERP, then the template will have an external reference column. This is to link each individual line to the lines within the ERP.

Step 3 - Import the Template into Payapps

When all the required information has been entered into your template simply save it, close Excel, log back into Payapps and import the contract:

Select "Choose File":

Browse to your completed template and select "Open":

Your Contract template has now been imported into Payapps!

Please check the values are correct. The Contract is now ready for publishing.

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact Payapps support via:

Chat: In app
Phone: 0191 651 1765

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