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Entering Labour amounts for CIS Tax
Entering Labour amounts for CIS Tax

Follow these simple steps to easily enter a labour split as part of your application for payment

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Payapps allows the subcontractor to enter a labour split when submitting an application for payment, allowing for the correct amount of tax deductions to made by your main contractor where required.

NOTE: For a labour amount to be entered on your AFP, your main contractor will need to enable CIS on your contract in Payapps. If this hasn't been done, please contact a member of the support team for assistance.


Click the 'New AFP' button to create your application for payment.

At the top of the application screen, you will see the section titled 'Labour component subject to CIS Tax'. This section allows you to enter the value of your application which is made up of labour.

Note: You will need to enter all of the amounts that you are applying for this application before entering the labour split. Come back to this section just before submitting your application.


To enter your labour split ensure that "Is labour included in this AFP?" is set to "Yes".

In this section, you have the option of 2 fields for entering a labour amounts. These are:

  • Labour to Date - Includes any previously assessed labour and labour applied for in current period.

  • Labour this AFP - Labour value for the current period.

You will also see a 'Prev approved' column which which cannot be edited.


Proceed with submitting your application.

Once the AFP is submitted, the Labour breakdown will be displayed within the 'Labour component subject to CIS' section in the application PDF.

Your main contractor can adjust the labour amount when assessing your application. The amount of labour assessed will be confirmed on the Payment Notice once fully certified.

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact Payapps support via:

​Chat: In app
​Phone: 0191 651 1765

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