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How to setup a Xero integration within Payapps
How to setup a Xero integration within Payapps

Follow these steps to integrate your Payapps account with Xero

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By integrating your accounts system to Payapps, you can further automate the application for payment process. This integration will automatically generate an invoice in Xero either when your application has been assessed or when when it is submitted.

In order to use the integration functionality you will need an active Payapps subscription. Information about our subscription options can be found here.

Setting up the Integration.

1. Connect Xero to Payapps. Click on "Hello, Your Name" and select "My Account" to access the settings panel.

Click Add-Ons to bring up your integration options and click "Xero Integration".

Click "Connect to Xero" which will redirect you to the Xero login page.

2. Once logged in, Xero will send a code for two factor authentication (if this has been setup, if not it will ask you to set it up). You will need to grant access to Xero in order to complete the integration. Select the company from the drop down list and press "Allow Access".

3. This will bring you back to Payapps where you can adjust the integration settings. You will need to configure the following:

  • "Enable Accounts Receivable" or "Enable Accounts Payable"

    These settings determine whether the invoice is generated once the application is submitted, or assessed by the main contractor.

  • Credit Terms - How many days from the invoices creation is the due date for payment?

  • Invoice Status - What status is assigned to the invoice when it's generated in Xero.

  • Revenue Account - Which account do you want to use in Xero?

  • Retention Account - If you have a separate retention account, select this here. Or choose the same option as the Revenue account.

Once completed, click 'Save Xero Settings.'

Your integration is now complete.

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact support via:

Chat: In app
Phone: 0191 651 1765

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