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Payapps Submission update
Payapps Submission update

Allowing applications to be submitted on time, every time

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It is critical that all applications for payment are sent and assessed on time.

We have introduced a new feature allowing subcontractors to draft and submit their next application without waiting for the previous application to be assessed. This feature has been introduced to ensure construction act compliance, and to improve the overall experience of submitting applications through Payapps.

The Contract Summary page can now show more than one pending AFP:

On the right of the page you can see the action buttons for each AFP in the 'Pending AFPs' section. The earliest pending AFP can be Assessed while the other AFPs are 'View' only. AFPs will continue to be assessed in the order in which they are submitted:

The amount applied for in the earlier Pending AFP (in this example, £69,000) is shown in the more recent pending AFP (AFP 2) as 'Pending Previous Approval'. The progress bar in AFP 2 also reflects these amounts with the amount from AFP 1 yet to be approved represented by the dark green bar:

When viewing pending AFPs, the progress bar for the header totals will also include any amounts for previous AFPs that have not yet been certified. AFP 4 here is showing the amount for AFP 3 that has been submitted (£120,600) and is pending approval:

If a change has been made to a submitted AFP it could have an impact on the next pending AFP. There is a soft warning in yellow highlighting this impact on the Contract Summary screen:

...and at the line level:

When AFPs are approved they move to the 'Approved AFPs' section:

With this feature, subcontractors are always up to date with their AFP preparation without dependencies on the previous AFP certification. No last-minute rush to submit their AFP before the application deadline.

If you have any questions or require assistance please do not hesitate to contact the Payapps support team via:

Chat: In app
Phone: 0191 651 1765

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