A new report has been added to Payapps that allows users to view the status of their compliance documents for each contract and claim all in one place.

This report shows for which contracts the documents are applicable, relevant dates, if they were required at a contract or a claim level, and any ongoing problems with the requirement.



The project the document relates to.


The subcontractor you are working with.


The contract the document relates to.


If the document is required at a contract level or on a claim level.

Compliance Name

The name of the compliance requirement.

Last Claim Period End

The most recent claim end date for that contract.

Expiry Date

The expiry date of the document (if applicable)


States if there is a problem with the document (ie. Missing or Expired).

Claim No.

If the document is required at a Claim level, this states which claim it relates to.

Claim Period End

If the document is required at a Claim level, this states the end date of that specific Claims period.

Claim Status

If the document is required at a Claim level, this states if the claim is approved or submitted.

Attachment Name

The name of the document uploaded.

Uploaded By

Who uploaded the document.

Uploaded Date

The date the document was uploaded.

Verified by *(Main contractor view only)

Which user verfieid the document

Verified Date *(Main contractor view only)

The date the document was verified


There are several filters available to use when generating the compliance report.


The 'Projects' filter will limit the results to those belonging to the chosen project.

Claim Period

You can choose to include compliance documents that are relevant to claims that fall in the selected date range.*

Claim Status

This allows you to view documents that apply to pending claims, approved claims or both.

Contracts created since

View documents for contracts created from a selected date.*

Further filtering can be done at a column-level by clicking on the 'FILTER' option beneath the heading of each column.

*Note: Documents will be included if a claim falls into either the Claim Period or if the contract falls into the Contracts Create Since filter (even if there has been no claim made in the selected claim period).

So if you only want to view documents for claims submitted in a specific date range and exclude all other contracts set the 'contracts created since' filter to tomorrow's date.

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