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How to Create a New Legal Entity
How to Create a New Legal Entity

How to create a separate legal entity with a unique ABN on an existing Payapps account.

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In certain situations, you may need several different business numbers (ABNs) linked with your Payapps account. You have the option to enter as many unique legal entities to your Payapps account as you need.

Legal entities are used when you have more than one ABN associated with your Payapps account. This allows you to submit all of your claims from a single Payapps account instead of opening multiple accounts.

For example:

ABC Plumbing CO may have a single ABN 123 456 7890 for the main plumbing side of the business. The company may also operate a separate electrical division (ABC Electrical CO) under a different ABN 123 456 7891.

Instead of creating a second Payapps account for ABC Electrical CO, they can add a new legal entity to the existing account. This will allow contracts to be assigned to either ABN 123 456 7890 or ABN 123 456 7891 by contracting builders.

How to Create a New Legal Entity in Payapps

Step 1: Click the gear in the top-right corner

Step 3: Click the New Entity button

Step 4: Enter your new entity details

You will now need to enter your entity details. The only required fields are the Legal Entity Name and the ABN, with all other fields recommended but optional.

Step 5: Click save

After entering your details, clicking save will create your new legal entity.

You have now created a new legal entity. Builders will now be able to send you contract invitations with this ABN.

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