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Issuing a Pay Less Notice to the subcontractor under s111(3) of the Housing Grants, Construction and Regeneration Act

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Need a refresher on the relevant part of the legislation? Here's a link to section 111.

Who can create a Pay Less Notice (PLN) in Payapps?

  • You must have the 'Assess AFPs' permission at for this option to be available.

  • If the approval workflow for the project has more than one approval stage, only the final user(s) in the approval sequence will be able to approve the PLN. Other approvers can only save the PLN as a draft.

Creating a Pay Less Notice is available via the '3 dots' menu in the View AFP page.

The View AFP page will be re-formatted to show the Pay Less Amount column to the right of the Certified to Date column. 

You can adjust a line item by clicking on the underlined Pay Less Amount, which will open a popup window for you to enter an adjusted value and your rationale, so as to comply with subsection (4). The Pay Less Amount will be calculated based on the Revised Valuation To Date you enter.

Once you have clicked on the Save button the View AFP page will be updated with the Paid Less Amount displayed in red beside your adjusted line item.

You can also generate a draft PDF version of the PLN prior to approving it, just as you can for payment notices.

Once you are ready to issue the PLN to the subcontractor, click on the Approve PLN button.

Once approved, an email will be sent to your subcontractor with an attached copy of the Pay Less Notice. The format of the email is shown below.

Lastly, should you decide that the PLN was raised in error, you have the ability to delete it via the menu at the top right of the View AFP page.

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