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This is how to update your respondent details on self-assessed contracts

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If you require to change the respondent details (ie ABN, contact email address, etc) you can do this through your account settings. 

Note: these instructions are applicable to self assessed contracts only. If you are working with a General Contractor who is also on Payapps, only they can update the respondent details .

At the top right of your Payapps window select "Hello, <your name>" and then choose "My Account".

Then select the "Organisations" tab. At the bottom of this page there will be a "Counterparties" link.

Select this and it will take you to a page where you can edit your counterparties. 

Select "edit" on the right side of the counterparty to update it.

Note: Editing the counterparty will affect any contracts this counterparty is attached to.

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