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How to Submit and Approve a claim (Self-managed contract)
How to Submit and Approve a claim (Self-managed contract)

How to submit and assess a claim on a Self Assessed contract

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Once you have set up your project and contract, you can start submitting claims.

If you haven't created your project and contract yet click here to learn how to create a project and here to create a contract. 

Note: If you are submitting a claim for General Contractor who uses Payapps as well, please refer to these instructions to learn how to submit your claim.

Create your claim:

Press the 'New Claim' button on your contract to start drafting your claim.

Scroll down the page until you see the relevant cost lines. These can be updated either by updating the dollar value under "current claim", or by updating the percentage under "claimed to date".

Once this is done, scroll back up to the top of the screen and click the "submit claim" button. This will open a final confirmation pop-up, so you can double check all the information as well as confirming how much retention will be held.

Select continue to submit the claim. 

Note: If relevant, it's at this point the claim email will be sent to the nominated email address in the respondent details. 

Approving your claim

On the contract page, you'll now see 3 buttons. 

Retract will turn the claim back into a draft. This will allow you to edit the submitted amount and resend the claim if required.

View will show a read only version of the submitted claim.

Access will bring up the claim for you as an Approver. This will allow you to edit and approve the claim as per the feedback you receive from your client.

Select Assess to show the claim.

If the amount your client has approved and the retention withheld is identical to what you have submitted in Payapps, simply select the "approve" button at the top right.

If they have made changes to your original claim, alter the amounts as required. This will require a modification reason that can be entered by selecting the red speech bubble on the right side of the line. 

Also select the retention tab to check the retention withheld and reduce if required. 

Note: You cannot enter a retention withheld amount that goes over the initial rate. 

ie. If you have an initial retention rate of 10% and you claimed a total of $40,000 so far then you cannot withhold more than $4000. If you require to withhold more than the allowed amount, the only way to do this is to update your contract retention settings to withhold a higher initial rate. 

Once the claim is the same as what your client has approved, press approve at the top right.

Job done.

Still having trouble?  Contact us in support via the chat, phone 1300 252 463 or email

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