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Upload commonly requested compliance documents for quick selection

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Payapps' “Docs Library” feature enables you to upload your commonly-used documents to a central repository in Payapps for use in satisfying contract compliance requirements. Using this feature you will be able to easily pick from a list of your previously uploaded library documents in just 2 clicks! (Or just 2 taps if you are accessing Payapps from your phone!)

The screen shot below shows what the Compliance section of a contract will look like if you have loaded documents into your Docs Library. You can still upload documents manually via the normal ‘Upload’ icon, but if the compliance requirement relates to one of your existing documents you can click on the ‘Doc Library’ icon and select the relevant item.

And to make setting up your Docs Library easier, you can also use documents you have already uploaded. Just view one of your previously uploaded documents and click on the ‘ADD TO DOCS LIBRARY’ link. This will copy the document to your library so it will be available to select on other contracts.

You can access your Docs Library through your My Account page. There you will find a new tab, as per the screen shot below.

Add a document by clicking on the ‘Upload’ icon and select the file you wish to use and fill out the basic information, such as expiry date.

If you have previously selected a library document to fulfil a compliance requirement it will be included in the count of linked contracts against that library document. You can view the list of linked contracts by clicking on the link below the document.

Hopefully this makes your claims processing even easier. Please rate, via the feedback emojis below, and let us know if this is of use to you.

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